"The true art lies in the execution"

Joh Urban was born and raised in the small farming community of Fauresmith in the Free State, South Africa. Music was a family affair, with his parents and siblings partaking in musical activities for recreation. He enjoyed writing music from a young age and frequently recorded his compositions on his small hand held cassette player.

As a multifaceted artist, Joh Urban has many personas. He believes in tireless work to perfect one's skills in order to bring artistic ideas to life. "Everyone has ideas, everyone could be an artist in their own right, but the true art lies in the execution of these ideas. This will depend on how much time you are willing to invest in learning the skills required to bring them to life."

Joh Urban Live Concert pop music
Stadium Joh Urban Live Singing


"If I don't sing it in the shower, it doesn't make the cut."

"I first and foremost compose and write music for myself. It is a release, a way to express. If I don't sing it in the shower, it doesn't make the cut."

Joh Urban's musical style range from 80's throwback to modern pop. With his classical training background, he brings edgy but balanced harmonies to modern sound. Each song is an opportunity to grow. "When I compose a new piece, I develop my singing skills by adding a few notes or sounds that I haven't been able to achieve before. That way I train myself to expand my singing range and techniques, rather than writing in my comfort zone."



"I want to be 'Big in Japan'"

"The methods on which we are spreading sounds and songs are constantly changing, but the core remains the same. We align our emotional states to songs, or we find songs to pair with our current feelings. I feel that I have a responsibility to ensure that I influence people, and particularly the youth, in a positive way."

As for the future:  "My 5 year plan? I want to be big in Japan! That's the first step to world domination. No, seriously... I don't really care where my music takes me, as long as I have fun doing it; lots of it... AND that I am Big in Japan (sigh)"

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